What i hope to gain from the experience

Bridge of Hope provides complementary therapy services including aromatherapy massage and reflexology at our clinics and outreach locations.

What i hope to gain from the experience

The number of people seeking help for troubled marriages far outnumbers those seeking help for depression, family tensions, alcohol or drug abuse, anxiety, spiritual concerns, past traumas, or crises. When people seek counseling from their pastor, most frequently it is concerning marital problems.

Most Christians value marriage. God approves of the permanence of marriage Malachi 2: God hates the pain and brokenness that oozes from divorce.

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Popular culture saturates our minds with the idea that obliterating the bonds of marriage can relieve the pain of marital conflict. In contrast, pastors advocate the virtues of marriage from the pulpit.

The Christian who lives with daily marital conflict, hurt, and anger is pinched in a vice. This is not a satisfying solution to marriage partners or to pastors. Decide whether to reconcile. While we are admonished in Scripture to reconcile and live at peace in as much as it depends on us, there are some conditions where reconciliation is not immediately advisable.

Give a soft answer to turn away wrath.

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Coach offended partners to make gentle reproaches when they have been offended or hurt. Also coach offending partners to be accountable for their injurious behavior.

What i hope to gain from the experience

Emphasize the need for confession and legitimate reasons for their behavior rather than denying or justifying their behavior. Show partners how to seek forgiveness confessing, apologizing, conveying sincere regret, offering restitution, and asking for forgiveness.

Help people to not deny that an offense has been hurtful. Have an offended partner recall times when he or she has inflicted hurt and yet received forgiveness, remembering the gratitude felt when forgiveness is offered.

Invite the partner to give that same altruistic gift of forgiveness to the spouse. Help people say aloud that they forgive their partner and perhaps write a letter of forgiveness. Recognize that people doubt their forgiveness when they recall the hurt they felt. Make a distinction between hurt and unforgiveness.

Help people see that it is natural to remember being hurt, but recalling a hurt is not the same thing as dwelling in bitter unforgiveness.

What i hope to gain from the experience

Reverse the negative marital cascade. Help couples reverse this downward cascade. Help people develop an attitude of gratitude when they see improvements in their relationship and an attitude of latitude when they see ways their partner has disappointed them.

Help partners take positive steps to restore love in their marriages. The obvious, but not easy solution, is for pastors to counsel couples more effectively.

The average marriage counseling success rate for professional marital therapists is 50 percent.

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Hope for All Generations and Nations By Gary Amirault (This article was written for Christians and non-Christians alike. When the second person plural (you) is used in this article, it usually refers to the Christian audience.

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