The issues of social responsibility in the current intense globalization of businesses

When the going gets tough, the tough get going—elsewhere.

The issues of social responsibility in the current intense globalization of businesses

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However, business owners should understand the benefits and limitations of corporate responsibility programs in order to choose an initiative that benefits the community and the company. To sway reluctant company leaders or employees, a small business owner can explain that customer buying decisions are influenced by company behavior.

The issues of social responsibility in the current intense globalization of businesses

For example, a research study conducted by the Richard Ivey School of Business found that consumers expect steep discounts from companies with questionable production policies.

In addition, corporate responsibility programs can lower costs by reducing waste. Company Integration To be successful, corporate responsibility programs must be embraced and supported by top management and woven into company culture and operations. Stakeholders will soon become skeptical of one-time initiatives or programs that come and go.

Timing also can be a problem. Corporate responsibility programs introduced to sway public opinion immediately after a company crisis can do more reputation damage if they are perceived by customers and stakeholders as insincere.


Identifying Benefits The business benefits of corporate responsibility programs are not always immediately tangible. Other benefits include increased brand and customer loyalty, according to the International Institute for Sustainable Development.Social entrepreneurs have been around for many years, but the explosion in global connectivity and intense competition for philanthropic funds seems to have propelled the sector into a more central position in the business world.

The issues of social responsibility in the current intense globalization of businesses

Recent years have witnessed increasing importance on corporate social responsibility, especially as concerns about climate change are becoming mainstream. There have been criticisms of corporate social responsibility from ardent free trade capitalists and anti globalization activists/environmentalists alike.

corporate social responsibility in the context of regulation According to Orts, CSR is an orientation to business enterprise that claims a company has more than just an economic duty to shareholders and owners of the company; it is also a social entity that entails moral obligations and imperatives that go beyond legal requirements and compliance.

Globalization and Corporate Social Responsibility With globalization, it seems the negative consequences of businesses have intensified, as has the public call for corporate responsibility.

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May 28,  · In the article, he referred to corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs as “hypocritical window-dressing,” and said that businesspeople inclined toward such programs “reveal a suicidal impulse.” More than 8, businesses around the world have signed the UN Global Compact pledging to show good global citizenship .

divided into three sub-groups: 1) Corporate social performance (CSP); 2) Social accountability, auditing and reporting (SAAR), and 3) Social responsibility for multinationals.

CSP aims to measure the contribution the social variable makes to economic performance.

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