Southerners attitudes towards african americans in william faulkners fiction

Several played a in the local railroad industry and political scene.

Southerners attitudes towards african americans in william faulkners fiction

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In the writings of William Faulkner, the reader may sense that the author has created an entire world which directly reflects his own personal experience. Faulkner writes about the area in and around Mississippi, where he is from, during the post-Civil War period.

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It is most frequently Northern Mississippi that Faulkner uses for his literary territory, changing Oxford to? This is an era in American history with which most people can quickly identify, whether they are Southern or not.

The South in Faulkner? Faulkner strays from the normal customs of Northern literature to present a realistic portrait of the South that he grew up in. In doing so, he comes up with an excellent sample of the Southern language, including linguistic qualities of both black and white speech.

Southerners attitudes towards african americans in william faulkners fiction

Faulkner establishes a unique literary voice which is recognizable due to variances from standard English in vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammatical form, while juxtaposing speech elements foreign to anyone not familiar with Southern heritage. The works of William Faulkner succeed in creating a literary dialect which is relatively consistent throughout all of his stories.

A literary dialect is best defined as an? These, amongst countless other examples, are distinctly Southern speech traditions.

Anyone not from the South may need explanations of much of Faulkner? Because Faulkner has employed such a vast and complex Southern dialect in his stories, the language he uses has become a microcosm of Southern language as a whole. As one critic has noted,? In Faulkner, this local speech is a mixture of?

The South is probably the most linguistically diversified part of the nation. Blacks and whites from Atlanta to Charleston to Nashville speak a different form of standard English in a different version of the Southern accent.

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Part of this linguistic diversity is reflected in the way that the Southern aristocracy can? This technique is very much alive in Faulkner? For example, in The Reivers, the upper-class grandfather character Boss is an educated man of high social standing in the community.

Yet, when he is in the company of only his grandson Lucius, as part of a lecture, he says?

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Throughout the book, Boss? Such a case illustrates that Faulkner is well aware of the prestige norms that exist in Southern speech, and he takes advantage of this knowledge.

As Feagin points out, in the Southeast, the way in which? Similarly to the aristocratic speaker, the less educated Southern speaker often attempts to improve his or her speech when in a formal setting.

McDavid asserts that the common way to do so is by? A good example of such in Faulkner occurs in As I Lay Dying when Anse, a rural, farming man, attempts to sound eloquent at a time of utmost solemnity. During a funeral speech, Anse states the following: The somebody you was young with and you growed old in her and she growed old in you, seeing the old coming on and it was the one somebody you could hear say it don?

It is obvious that Anse intends to speak formally in this situation, thus Faulkner follows McDavid? This passage is successful in two ways. First, it reveals a realistic trait common in the Southeast, reflecting the solidarity norm based on local non-standard speech Feagin Second, it serves as a very powerful literary technique because the oration captures the high level of sincerity in the speaking character.

Another highly common form of Southern dialect which is often seen in Faulkner? There are numerous examples of black speech in Faulkner that follow linguistic patterns.

However, it is the purpose of this essay to view only a few of the most common. Faulkner holds true to this generalization by narrating similar speech from the black characters in his books. Further, linguists such as Raven and Virginia McDavid have gathered that the oldest and least educated, as well as many Negro informants in their Southern language studies have demonstrated dominant usage of such ungrammatical verb past tenses as div for dive, growed for grow, and riz for rise 3 McDavid Faulkner also depicts the vernacular of Southern blacks in his opulent use of repetition and Biblical allusion.

It has been noted by researchers of Southern linguistics that a strong relationship exists between the rituals of black churches and everyday black speech customs. Examples of this relationship include religious reference, long pauses, swaying and gesturing, and repetition Jones-Jackson Fiction 9/e, is a collection of James Baldwin on Writing, Race and the African-American Writer.

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However, the real history of American attitudes towards race and equality is more complicated than it first appears to be.

Southern Abolitionists. When considering the American anti-slavery movement, most Americans think exclusively of northern abolitionists like William Lloyd Garrison, and not without reason. Plantation Airs: Racial Paternalism and the Transformations of Class in Southern Fiction, – Faulkner, William Overview.

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Southerners attitudes towards african americans in william faulkners fiction