Richard nixon paper

Richard Milhous Nixon was the thirty-seventh president of the United States and the only president to have resigned from office. He was on his was to success after receiving his law degree from Duke University Law School in

Richard nixon paper

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He tend to focus on his achievements on the foreign policies, however, his domestic records was one of the paradox. He continued the legislations of previous presidents relating to housing, education etc.

Richard nixon paper

He had showed a similar creativity, particularly on his early plan for welfare reform and his willingness to scrap his conservative economic approach in favor of wage and price control. Also, he involved in the education and Burger court.

Perhaps the most spectacular was the landing on the moon on July 21, by astronuts Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin. Amendment 26 Ratified of was brought up by Nixon which allowed all U. In the South, the Whites and the Blacks were studied in separate schools and the Blacks were never treated equal and in the Supreme Court declared that the practice was illegal.

However, Nixon did not aggressively prosecute the segregated school districts and at the same time Nixon apposed the use of public buses to transport students to integrated schools.

By earlyUnited States was suffering from a 5. Thus, this had caused hardship for many people.

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The word stagflation soon would be coined to describe this coexistence of economics recession and inflation. Nixon had done many things to solved these problems. Nixon had tried to slow inflation by raising interest rates.

By adding this, he taught he would reduce the amount of money, however, this strategy failed. Then in AugustNixon began to control wages and prices. At the same time, he promoted U. S export and discourage import and also, he devalued the dollar.

Richard nixon paper

Thus, this lowered the cost of U. S goods in other countries. Throughout signs of economic recovery multiplied. He blamed that the inflation on Congress, and he vetoed bills that over his budgetary recommendation.

During andthe Mid-east oil-producing countries sharply increased their oil prices. With the pressure of inflation and the unemployment rate that increased in the United States, Nixon advocated greater exploitation of U. In the wake of Earth Day, Nixon approved the Clean Air Act of establishing a billion dollar air pollution control program and imposed emission standards on automobiles.

In the same year, he signed the Water Quality Improvement Act of imposing penalties for pollution of ocean and inland waters following the oil spill of Santa Barbara.American public, saying that by “Working together, we will break the back of inflation.

” Another large part of Nixon’s plan was the detachment of the dollar from the gold standard. By the time Nixon took office, U.

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S. gold reserves had declined from $25 billion to $ 5 billion. Gold was an underpriced commodity, [ ]. Richard Nixon was a president associated with controversy and deceit; however he was regarded as an able and versatile politician, so the grade that he receives is a B-.

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The first real major event Nixon has to deal with is the Vietnam War. Nixon knew that when he became. In a paper on Nixon and the environment, historian Paul Charles Milazzo points to Nixon's creation of the EPA and his enforcement of legislation such as the Endangered Species Act, stating that "though unsought and unacknowledged, Richard Nixon's environmental legacy is secure".

May 18,  · Richard Nixon () was the 37th president () of United States of America. (Nixon foundation) He was only president who resigned from the presidency of U.S. He was elected to the office in According to the writer David Halberstam (, ) the Times, which was once described as “the most rabid Labor-bating, Red-hating paper in the United States,” virtually created Richard Nixon.

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