Recent trends in nursing care essay

While it is clear that the healthcare industry, in general, will continue its evolution throughout the rest of this decade and beyond, one could also say that nurses bear the most weight of this changing landscape. Demand for services continue to rise, more states will move toward mandatory nurse-to-patient ratios, aging population demographics mean more patients with chronic health conditions to care for, and technological breakthroughs are forcing nurses to adapt to new methods of care.

Recent trends in nursing care essay

Shares One of the great things about nursing is its diversity. There is truly something for everyone in this profession. In nursing, you can literally take yourself anywhere you want to go. The biggest problem is that we still need more nurses than we have.

Where do we get these nurses?

Recent trends in nursing care essay

How do we bring in enough help to get healthcare back up to the quality nursing standards we want to uphold? It is a question every nursing school and nursing employer would like an answer to.

Unfortunately, the projections tell us we may never be able to keep up. But, there is another side of nursing that we can affect. Over the past few years, we have been seeing another influx of new specializations, career paths and degree programs to meet the needs of a changing world.

We have choices and opportunities to work in the area that brings us the most joy and satisfaction. We also have the opportunity to go where we are most needed. What are the current trends in patient population and new knowledge?

Where are you in highest demand? Travel nursing, especially for the experienced nurse, remains one of the hottest employment areas for those who are willing. Choosing travel means also choosing diversity, change and new challenges as well as excellent pay and in most cases even better benefits.

The most common locations for travel nursing are Arizona, California, Florida and Texas. For those who have an adventurous spirit free travel, free housing and many other perks make travel nursing an attractive option.

For those with big hearts, end-of-life nurses are greatly valued for helping our aging population die with dignity. Specialized infusion nurses successfully utilize medical advances such as implants and inserts for venous access needed for chemotherapy and long-term medication delivery.

How about the newer field of nursing informatics? We need a specialized set of nurses who can take their practical clinical skills and weave them into the world of information technology.

Nursing informatics are employed by corporations, teaching facilities, and hospitals for research, sales, technical training and even as systems analysts. Informatics is appealing to the highly organized nurse who can assimilate new information quickly and effectively.CURRENT TREND AND ISSUES OF NURSING | Current Trend in Nursing Research What is research?

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Focused on uncovering new knowledge to help understand phenomena, answer questions, or address problems, Goal directed, A systematic process of inquiry. Research means “to search again or carefully examine” (Langford ). Among the trends in the nursing and patient education that have emerged in the recent past include shifts in demographics, consumer education, preventive care, continuous growth in technology, increased access to health care insurance, health information privacy, community nursing and access to nursing education.

Nov 26,  · Current trends and issues in critical care nursing. Current trends and issues in critical care nursing.

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Nurse: Past/Present/Future examines the culture of nursing on all levels, from its historical development to its status today. The book highlights the power and the value of nurses worldwide and traces the evolution of nursing as a career.

There are currently 35 million nurses worldwide, they make up the majority of hospital staff and provide more primary care to patients than any other class. ETSU-TTU Joint DNP Program. The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) is a doctoral degree focused on practice and designed to prepare experts in advanced nursing practice.

Nursing professionals are typically exposed to the most change as they are navigating the front lines of patient care. Let’s examine a few current trends that will impact nursing in and beyond.

Current trends and issues in critical care nursing