Practise gamsat essay questions

Consequently, it is a pre-medical subject suitable for all students intending to pursue a career in Medicine.

Practise gamsat essay questions

Gold standard gamsat essay

We did not enter medicine via the traditional leaving cert route therefore we often get asked for our tips on how to get into GEM so we decided to put together a little information on GEM entry and also some hopefully! You must have a minimum 2: The exam itself consists of three parts.

The first section concerns reasoning in humanities and social sciences. This section will have passages from English Comprehensions, plays and poems.

Practise gamsat essay questions

These will often have 4 or 5 questions attached, which are of a multiple choice format, with four alternative answers. There are also visual stimuli such as short cartoons and thought provoking images.

There are also transcripts from consultations between doctors and patients. There are 75 questions in this section and you have minutes to complete it, as well as 10 minutes reading time at the start where you are not permitted to write.

The second section is the essay section where you have 1 hour to write two essays, with 5 minutes reading time. For each essay you will be given 6 quotes which cover a general idea and you must respond to one or more of them.

The first essay is argumentative while the second is more personal. The third section is the science section which covers Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

There are multiple choice questions MCQ. Both Biology and Chemistry correspond to 1st year university level, while the Physics questions are of Leaving Certificate Standard. You will have minutes to complete this section and there is 10 minutes reading time at the start.

You need to study for this exam! Unlike the HPAT exam used for Undergraduate entry, factual recall is required, especially for sections 2 and 3. Timing is everything in this exam and if you are not prepared you will miss out on some questions. Also check your answers at the end and try to work out where you went wrong.

Similar questions to those in the practice tests will come up on the exam. The main way that we would advise to study for section 1 is to do as many practice questions as possible to get used to the style of prose and the type of questions.

Section 2 is a great place to pick up marks. You will need to practice your timing for these essays as they are each worth the same amount of marks so having a great argumentative essay is no good if you only leave yourself 15 minutes to do your second essay!

Know how to structure argumentative and personal essays. There are some great free online resources and templates to help you with this. Become familiar with quotes and how to interpret them.

There is a very broad range of topics that can come up and there is no real way to predict what will come up on this years paper.

What our classmates say! You can up your score if you do well in them. TEDtalks are a great resource for topics for essays and you can find loads of these online. They are also an interesting and enjoyable way to study!

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It covers lots of different essay topics and also has lots of quotes that are useful to learn and reproduce in your essays. You can also follow their pages on Facebook or Twitter so you are getting updates on a regular basis.

Some people spend a lot of money on resources but can find lots of free information online. You can also get some great books second hand, such as physics or chemistry for dummies.

I found the ChemGuy videos really useful and these are on youtube. These cover both organic and inorganic chemistry. It is possible to study for this section and do really well. They will sometimes run webinars on the different sections and go through and explain some of the questions.

You will be less stressed and will have more time to study for your final exams at the end of the college year. When and where you opt to sit the exam is a personal choice but maybe bear this in mind when you are making your decision!

No more than with any other exam, make sure you look after yourself in the run up to it.Practise Gamsat Essay Questions.

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Gold Standard GAMSAT was the first to introduce problem-based learning (PBL) to GAMSAT courses in Australia. Virtually all students - regardless of academic background - participate in solving GAMSAT practice questions, and .

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