Oral quiz practice 2

Is This Right For Me 2. Instructions To Quiz 3. Related Careers In this career quiz for Oral Surgeons, you will find out if working as one is right for you.

Oral quiz practice 2

The client's temperature is monitored to identify signs of infection which is one of the complications of this therapy. While the weight is monitored to detect hypervolemia and to determine the effectiveness of this nutritional therapy.

Question 5 A nurse is preparing to hang a fat emulsion lipids and observes some visible fat globules at the top of the solution. The nurse ensure to do which of the following actions? A Take another bottle of solution.

B Runs the bottle solution under a warm water.


C Rolls the bottle solution gently. D Shake the bottle solution vigorously. Fat emulsions are used as dietary supplements for patients who are unable to get enough fat in their diet, usually because of certain illnesses or recent surgery.

The nurse should examine the bottle of fat emulsion for separation of emulsion into layers or fat globules or the accumulation of froth.

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The nurse should not hang a fat emulsion if any of these observed and should return the solution to the pharmacy. Question 6 A client is receiving nutrition via parenteral nutrition PN.

A nurse assess the client for complications of the therapy and assesses the client for which of the following signs of hyperglycemia?

A High-grade fever, chills, and decreased urination. B Fatigue, increased sweating, and heat intolerance. C Coarse dry hair, weakness, and fatigue. D Thirst, blurred vision, and diuresis. Signs of hyperglycemia include excessive thirst, fatigue, restlessness, blurred vision, confusion, weakness, Kussmaul's respirations, diuresis, and coma when hyperglycemia is severe.

Option A are signs of infection. Option B are signs of hyperthyroidism. Option C are signs of hypothyroidism. Question 7 A nurse is caring a client who disconnected the tubing of the parenteral nutrition from the central line catheter. A nurse suspects an occurrence of an air embolism.

Which of the following is an appropriate position for the client in this kind of situation? A On the right side, with head higher than the feet. B On the right side, with head lower than the feet. C On the left side, with the head higher than the feet. D On the left side, with head lower than the feet.

Air embolism happens when air enters the catheter system when the IV tubing disconnects.

Oral quiz practice 2

If it is suspected, the client should be placed in a left-side-lying position. The head should be lower than the feet. This position will lessen the effect of the air traveling as a bolus to the lungs by trapping it on the right side of the heart.

Question 8 A client is being weaned off from parenteral nutrition PN and is given a go-signal to take a regular diet. A nurse expects that which of the following prescriptions regarding the PN solution will accompany the diet order? C Maintain the present infusion rate. D Discontinue the PN.

When a client begins eating a regular diet after a period of receiving PN, the PN is decreased slowly.

PN that is terminated abruptly will cause hypoglycemia.

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Gradually decreasing the infusion rate allows the client to remain sufficiently nourished during the transition to a normal diet and prevents an episode of hypoglycemia. Question 9 A client is receiving parenteral nutrition PN in the home setting has a weight gain of 5 lb in 1 week.

The nurse next assesses the client to identify the presence of which of the following?Welcome to The Texas A&M University System’s TExES Certification Exam Review for Teachers (T-CERT).

The purpose of this website is to help teacher candidates, novice teachers and experienced teacher pass TExES (Texas Examination of Educator Standards) exams. Write the necessary word(s) to form a logical negative sentence, based on the sentence above it. This is a quiz that contains NCLEX review questions for regardbouddhiste.com a nurse providing care to a patient with GERD, it is important to know the signs and symptoms, pathophysiology, medications, nursing management, diet education, and complications.

Pharm Test 2 Quiz Practice. STUDY. PLAY. Oral agents can control blood glucose levels for many clients. C. Exogenous insulin is required for life. D. Blood glucose level can be controlled with diet. C.

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The nurse administers desmopressin to the client to treat diabetes insipidus. What assessment finding would indicate to the nurse that the. Mar 29,  · Oral lichen planus (OLP) is a chronic mucocutaneous disorder that presents in a wide range of clinical forms, such as unilateral or bilateral white striations, papules, or plaques on the buccal mucosa, labial mucosa, tongue, and gingiva.

About This Quiz & Worksheet. This worksheet/quiz will address your awareness of oral language skills. Topics on the quiz cover areas like word parts and forms and social rules of communication.

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