Importance of hard work essay in hindi

There should be no discrimination between men and woman. Women should now there fundamental and social rights which they get once they born. There should be respect and dignity towards Women. Have total independences of their own life and lifestyle inside the home and also outside at their work.

Importance of hard work essay in hindi

It is predominant in the Indian subcontinent including India, Bangladesh, and Myanmar; but also very common in other south-east Asian countries like Bali, Indonesia, Malaysia etc. It is cultivated in Australia as well as in European countries for its aesthetic value.

It is also found in Tropical parts of America. Habitat Lotus is an aquatic perennial herb that occurs in stationary water bodies like ponds and lakes.

They prefer shallow, murky water in a warm climate. The stems, leaf stalks and roots are submerged while the leaves and flowers remain above the surface of water.

Description The lotus stem remains underground in the muddy soil at the bottom of the inhabiting water body. It modifies into a structure known as the rhizome which serves as both an anchoring device and storage organ.

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Roots are short and fibrous growing out in bunches from the stem internodes. The lotus plants have simple leaves meaning one per leaf stalk. The stalks emerge upwards from the rhizomatous stem - are green, long, round and hollow. The stalks grow around cm higher than the surface of the water holding up the flowers and leaves.

The vasculature is porous enabling the stems and stalks to remain afloat in water. The upper surface of the leaves is waxy and impervious to water. The flowers are the key focus of the plant, and are large and showy, predominantly pink or white in color.

The cone shaped central female reproductive structure is termed the thalamus which is framed by the delicate petals. The lotus bud resembles the shape of a tear-drop with pointy tip and tightly packed petals.

Characteristics of women empowerment.

The petals are translucent and open in overlapping spiral pattern. The flowers open in the morning and bloom for three days. The petals close after sunset trapping in the pollinating agents.

The central yellow receptacle of the spongy thalamus contains the ovaries which develop into seeds after fertilization, and are embedded in single chambers along the surface.

Seeds are hard, oval in shape and dark brown in color. The plants are mostly propagated through seeds initially. The seeds are placed in damp soil and should be exposed to sunlight for at least 6 hours each day initially.

Uses Apart from its aesthetic value, the entire lotus plant is of considerable economic and medicinal value as well.

परिश्रम का महत्व पर निबंध-Importance Of Hard Work Essay In Hindi

Every part of the plant is consumable. The petals are often used for ornamental purposes like garnishing. The mature leaves are often used for packaging as well as serving food.

Importance of hard work essay in hindi

In India, serving food on a lotus leaf is considered beneficial for health. The rhizome and leaf stalks are used as vegetables in most East Asian countries like China, Korea and Indonesia.

The rhizome is boiled, sliced and fried, used in salads, pickled in vinegar. It is rich in fiber, contains Vitamins like B1, B2, B6, and C, essential minerals like potassium, manganese, phosphorous and copper. The lotus seed are also quite popular as nuts and are often eaten raw.

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They may also be fried or dry roasted to produce a sort of popcorn known as phool makhana. Lotus seed paste is a common ingredient in Asian desserts like mooncakes, rice flour pudding and daifuku.Financial Stability and Dignity of Life Another importance of education is that it helps you gain sufficient academic qualification so that you are able to get suitable employment at a later stage.

परिश्रम का महत्व (Importance Of Hard Work In Hindi): भूमिका: मनुष्य के जीवन में परिश्रम का बहुत महत्व होता है। हर प्राणी के जीवन में परिश्रम का बहुत महत्व होता है। इस संसार.

India Table of Contents Varna, Caste, and Other Divisions. Although many other nations are characterized by social inequality, perhaps nowhere else in the world has inequality been so elaborately constructed as in the Indian institution of caste. Note:– अगर आपको Importance Of Hardwork In Hindi For Students अच्छी लगे तो जरुर Share कीजिये.

Note: E-MAIL Subscription करे और पायें Essay On Importance Of Hard work In Hindi For Students And More Article आपके ईमेल पर. Essay The Importance of Professionalism at Work - Professionalism is defined as one's conduct at work. The quality of professionalism is not restricted to those in .

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