Harvard business school case study patagonia

Pearly Tan on December 14, 0 Comments Views December 14, Patagonia is one of the leading companies for corporate activism, which B-schools are just now beginning to study. In stark white letters, it read: But baking social and environmental outcomes into your company is one thing. Suing the President of the U.

Harvard business school case study patagonia

Kennedy was born in Washington, D. He was 9 years old when his uncle, President John F.

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Kennedy, was assassinated during a political trip to Dallas, and 14 years old when his father was assassinated while running for president in the Democratic presidential primaries.

Kennedy learned of his father's shooting when he was at Georgetown Preparatory Schoolhis Jesuit boarding school in North Bethesda, Maryland. Kennedy served as a pallbearer in his father's funeral, where he spoke and read excerpts from his father's speeches at the Mass commemorating his death at Arlington National Cemetery.

Harvard business school case study patagonia

InKennedy joined Riverkeeper as an investigator, and was promoted to senior prosecuting attorney [17] when he was admitted to the New York bar in Through litigation, lobbying, teaching, and public campaigns and activism, Kennedy has advocated for the protection of waterways, indigenous rights, and renewable energy.

Long Island Soundkeeper brought numerous lawsuits against cities and industries along the Connecticut and New York coastlines. The book is a history of the early Riverkeepers and a primer for the Waterkeeper movement. The clinic's full-time clients are Riverkeeper and Long Island Soundkeeper.

The Alliance states that it is dedicated to promoting "swimmable, fishable, drinkable waterways, worldwide," [42] and also serves as a clearinghouse, approving new Keeper programs and licensing use of the trademarked "Waterkeeper," "Riverkeeper," "Soundkeeper," "Lakekeeper," "Baykeeper," "Bayoukeeper," "Canalkeeper," "Coastkeeper," etc.

River at Riskriding the length of the Grand Canyon in a wooden dory with his daughter Kick and with anthropologist Wade Davis. Kennedy authored a series of articles and reports [47] [48] [49] [50] alleging that New York State was abdicating its responsibility to protect the water repository and supply.

Ford [56] that chronicles four years of litigation brought by the firm on behalf of the Ramapough Mountain Indian Tribe against the Ford Motor Company over the dumping of toxic waste on tribal lands in northern New Jersey.

Kennedy and his team also filed a class action lawsuit against Monsanto for failing to warn consumers about the dangers allegedly posed by exposure to Roundup. Kennedy serves as a board member and counselor to several of Vantage Point's portfolio companies in the water and energy space, including Ostara, a Vancouver-based company that markets the technology to remove phosphorus and other excessive nutrients from wastewater, transforming otherwise pollution directly into high grade fertilizer.

The collaboration also includes Siemens and the United Technologies Research Center and constitutes one of the largest energy storage facilities in Massachusetts.

He is presently a co-owner and Director of GridBright, the market leading grid management specialist.

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He resigned from the board of directors in January He worked on environmental issues across the Americas, and traveled regularly to Canada and Latin American to assist Indigenous tribes to protect their traditional homelands and to oppose large-scale energy and extractive projects in remote wilderness areas.

That campaign derailed all but one of the proposed dams. Kennedy argued that those activities were unnecessary for military preparedness, and that the Navy had illegally destroyed several endangered species, polluted the Island's waters, injured the health of Island residents and damaged the Island's economy.

Kennedy served 30 days in a maximum security prison in Puerto Rico. According to the Environmental Protection Agencyunexploded ordnance waste can be found on 16, military ranges across the U. In total, the Pentagon is responsible for more than 21, potentially contaminated sites and, according to the EPA, the military may have poisoned as much as 40 million acres, a little larger than Florida.

He began his career at Riverkeeper during the time that the organization discovered that Exxon was using its oil tankers in order to steal fresh water from the Hudson River for use in its Aruba refinery and to sell to Caribbean Islands.

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In a June interview on EnviroNews, Kennedy said about the oil industry, "That's what their strategy is: And what the industry is trying to do is to increase that level of infrastructure investment so our country won't be able to walk away from it.

Imagining the Unimaginable, directed by his sister, documentary film maker, Rory Kennedy. InKennedy helped lead a campaign to block Hydro-Quebec from building the James Bay Hydro-project, a massive dam project in northern Quebec. These actions helped to kill the project.

Inhe mounted an ultimately unsuccessful battle against the building of a dam on the Macal River in Belize.Sep 04,  · Find new ideas and classic advice for global leaders from the world's best business and management experts.

Harvard business school case study patagonia

Dr Vèna Arielle Ahouansou is a medical doctor and the CEO of KEA Medicals Pharmaceutics & Technologies. KEA Medicals is a company that improves the health care system in Africa through its electronic patient record management software.

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Strategy & Execution Case Study | Authors:: . 3 PATA ON A’S PURPOS AND CORE VALUES When Patagonia was first developed, Yvon and Malinda agreed that the company would produce only products of the highest quality and manufactured in the most responsible way. Access to case studies expires six months after purchase date.

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