Essay ganesh utsav marathi

Guidance centers-cum-GSVS offices are being opened. It is important that all the individuals and community groups that support our campaign to root out caste discrimination from the British Society, put pressure on the Government for amendment of this bill.

Essay ganesh utsav marathi

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They have different varna origins based on the region and consequently different social and ritual status. Even in the same region, such as parts of north and western India, different groups have different ritual status.

There are several groups of Kayasthas - a larger group of northern India who claim descent from the sons of Chitragupta. Bengali Kayasthas are considered an offshoot of the former group, claiming lineage from migrants to Bengal from the ancient city of Kannauj who came at the request of Sena Dynasty kings in the 10th century.

They are called 'Chitraguptavanshi' as they claim descent from Chitragupta.

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A smaller group found in Maharashtra claims descent from a Kshatriya warrior named Chandra Sen and this is not considered part of the Chitragupta group. There are several theories of their origin. According to an article in India TodayBrahmanical religious texts refer to these chitraguptavanshi Kayasthas as a caste of scribes, recruited in the beginning from the BrahminKshatriya and Vaishya castes, but eventually forming distinct subcastes in northern and western India.

They have therefore also been mentioned as a "mixed caste", combining Brahman-Shudra lower caste and sometimes Kshatriya as well. Originally the professions of Kayastha scribe and Vaidya physician were not restricted and could be followed by people of different varnas including the brahmanas.

So there is every probability that a number of brahmana families were mixed up with members of other varnas in forming the present Kayastha and Vaidya communities of Bengal.

As per Brahminical opinions and texts, they arose solely from the Kshatriya varna. This as well as their 'vedokta' has been formally ratified by the verdicts of the Brahmin councils of Pune and Varanasi, by Bajirao II and finally the Shankaracharya himself.

Only the chitraguptavanshi kayasthas have been discussed on this page.

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History Classical India Rajendra Prasad centerwho went on to become the first president of India, alongside Jawaharlal Nehru and Bhulabhai Desai at the All India Congress Committee Session in April Brahmanical religious texts refer to the Chitraguptavanshi Kayasthas as a caste responsible for writing secular documents and maintaining records from the 7th century onward.

One of the most notable north-Indian Kayasthas of the Mughal period was Raja Todar MalEmperor Akbar's finance minister and one of the court's nine Navaratnaswho is credited with establishing the Mughal revenue system.

Essay ganesh utsav marathi

Indeed, Muslim rulers had from a very early time confirmed the Kayasthas in their ancient role as landholders and political intermediaries. North Indian Kayasthas that rose to prominence since independence, include the country's first presidentRajendra Prasadand its second prime ministerLal Bahadur Shastri.

In this effort, they are aligning themselves with different political parties to gain political and economical advantages and are now demanding 33 percent reservation in Government jobs. According to some accounts, they are a literate and educated class of Kshatriyas, and they have been referred to as a twice-born caste.

During the British rule, the Bengali Kayasthas, along with the Bengali Brahmins and Baidyaswere considered as Bhadralok, a term coined in Bengal for the ' Gentry ' or 'respectable people'- based on refined culture, prestige, education etc.

The dispute is about British era law courts. Please help to ensure that disputed statements are reliably sourced. See the relevant discussion on the talk page. February Learn how and when to remove this template message The last census of the British Raj in India classified them as an 'upper caste' i.

Dwija and the final British Raj law case involving their varna in placed them into the Kashtriya varna. Rowe's account that later scholars disagreed withduring the British Raj era, certain law cases led to courts classifying Kayasthas as shudras, based largely upon the theories of Herbert Hope Risley who had conducted extensive studies on castes and tribes of the Bengal Presidency.

According to Rowe, the Kayasthas of Bengal, Bombay and the United Provinces repeatedly challenged this classification by producing a flood of books, pamphlets, family histories and journals to pressurize the government for recognizing them as Kshatriya and to reform the caste practices in the directions of sanskritisation and westernisation.

Bellenoit gives the details of the individual British Raj era law cases and concludes that since the kayasthas are a non-cohesive group and not a single caste, their varna was resolved in the cases that came up by taking into account regional differences and customs followed by that particular caste.

Bellenoit also disagrees with W. Rowe by showing that Herbert Hope Risley's theories were in fact used to ultimately classify them as Kshatriyas by the British courts. The first case began in in JaunpurUttar Pradesh with a property dispute where the plaintiff was considered an 'illegitimate child' by the defendants, a north-Indian Kayastha family.

The British court denied inheritance to the child, citing that Kayasthas are Dvija"twice-born" or "upper-caste" and that the illegitimate children of Dwijas have no rights to inheritance.Ganesh utsav essay quotes / Ganesh utsav essay quotes / november 30, Gender inequality gp essay marathi salvation essay pdf faith.

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Video Gallery: This Site is created by Yashodhan Web Creations. Kayastha (also referred to as Kayasth or Kayeth) is a group consisting of a cluster of several different castes (or sub-groups) of different origin [citation needed] from the Indian regardbouddhiste.comhas have traditionally acted as scribes, keepers of public records and accounts, and administrators of the state.

Since as early as the dawn of Medieval India, Kayasthas have occupied the highest. my term paper keeps jam components of a literature review zaran egg drop assignment gravy overview of literature review uk a good dissertation is a done dissertation. The International Commission for Dalit Rights (ICDR) has organized the ‘Global March against Caste Discrimination’ in Washington DC on the 21st June

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