Ensuring the safety and protection of the archeological historic site the barbara baths

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Ensuring the safety and protection of the archeological historic site the barbara baths

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The purpose of this chapter is to preserve and protect historic or archaeological properties of local significance. This chapter is adopted pursuant to the provisions of chapters A building, site, zone, structure, or object may be designated a City historic or archeological property of local significance if: The City Council has determined that the properties identified within the document titled Historic Properties Survey: Additional properties may by designated as historic or archeological properties of local significance by the City Council.

The expert shall have training and demonstrated expertise in architecture, historic preservation, or history. The expert shall evaluate the subject property in relation to the criteria specified in DMMC The owner of the subject property shall be notified in writing of the evaluation and pending action regarding designation, including procedures for removing the property from consideration.

The City Council shall adopt written findings in conjunction with the designation of a property as a historic or archeological property of local significance.

Historic or archeological properties of local significance shall not be subject to adverse land uses that generate exterior noise exposure levels exceeding 55 Ldn dBA, or existing levels as of April 20,whichever is greater. A reduction in the exterior noise level greater than 55 Ldn that existed as of April 20,shall become the new maximum exterior noise level.

When the Planning, Building and Public Works Director determines that a proposed land use may impact a historic or archeological property of local significance by increasing exterior noise levels above the maximum level permitted by this chapter, the land use proponent shall submit a noise mitigation plan to the City for review and approval before required permits are issued to allow the project to proceed.

Such special member shall be advisory only and shall have no authority to bind the City Council without a prior affirmative vote of a majority of the City Council.

Such special member shall be a resident of the City and shall have a demonstrated interest and competence in historic preservation. Such appointment shall be made for a three-year term and the special member shall serve until his or her successor is duly appointed and confirmed.

In the event of a vacancy, an appointment shall be made to fill the vacancy in the same manner and with the same qualifications as if at the beginning of the term, and the person appointed to fill the vacancy shall hold the position for the remainder of the unexpired term.

Such special member may be reappointed, but may not serve more than two consecutive three-year terms. Such special member shall be deemed to have served one full term if such special member resigns at any time after appointment or if such special member serves more than two years of an unexpired term.

The special member of the Commission shall serve without compensation. Paragraph I is changed to read: The following language is added: No historic resource may proceed through the nomination procedure of King County Code Section A minimum of four Councilmembers must vote in favor before the resource is eligible for the nomination.

Ensuring the safety and protection of the archeological historic site the barbara baths

Said approval by the Council is a condition precedent to any nomination procedure. The last sentence of Paragraph A is deleted.Burial-in-Place Treatment for Archaeological Sites SHPO Guidance Point No.

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4 Matthew H. Bilsbarrow April 20, It should avoid introducing new impacts to the site and any adjacent historic properties (e.g., compaction, water percolation, leaching). Archeological Sites Protection and Preservation Notebook: Technical Notes.

Ensuring the safety and protection of the archeological historic site the barbara baths

The scope of non-federal laws and policies tend to mirror federal historic preservation and archeological resources laws and regulations (i.e., National Historical Preservation Act; Archaeological Resources Protection Act; Secretary of the Interior's Standards and Guidelines for Archeology and Historic Preservation).

tend to write more. The Touro Synagogue is located within an urban environment with a large number of tourists. Please be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Remember, the Temple was built by Herod

Police, fire, and rescue services are provided by the City of Newport. PROTECTION OF HISTORIC AND ARCHAEOLOGICAL RESOURCES. Purpose. This section is intended to preserve and enhance the historic, archeological and. ARTICLE 2. – Research about and protection, conservation, restoration and recovery of archeological, artistic and historic monuments and monument zones are of public utility.

archeological and historic monuments shall be able to request the corresponding permit, with the requirement that these improvements have the security and. Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin

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