Educational leadership

Stipulations for admission to this option is that candidates will have received licensure for teaching in the state of New Mexico or the equivalent AND have a minimum of six 6 years of licensed K teaching. This option is tailored for candidates who do not have a teaching license or teaching experience or wish the leadership and administrative knowledge obtained from the program. Candidates who choose this option would take all course requirements except the two semesters six credit hours of Internship. Instead they would take two additional three-credit elective courses approved by their adviser in the program to meet the hour MA requirements.

Educational leadership

Offered through the University of Missouri, in cooperation with partner universities across the state, the Missouri Statewide EdD Program has an outstanding reputation amongst its graduates — 97 percent would refer prospective students to the program.

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The program has been lauded by a number of organizations for its innovative delivery, cohesive curriculum and rigorous standards and is one of the 21 Phase I institutions in the Carnegie Foundation Project on the Education Doctorate, a national dialogue about the educational doctorate.

Based on an integrated curriculum for leaders in PK, post-secondary, and nonprofit educational settings, this degree is delivered in cohort format with both face-to-face and Web-enhanced instruction. It consists of 34 hours of course work and 12 hours of dissertation. New cohorts of students are admitted every 2 years.

Learning Objectives The emphasis of the educational doctorate program is on developing effective, thoughtful and reflective practitioners who are competent in identifying and solving complex problems of practice in educational settings.


As a program dedicated to the development of these scholarly practitioners, graduates will know: Foundational and current theories and perspectives in leadership theory and practice, organizational analysis, educational policy, and content and context of learning; The importance of being responsive to issues of social justice including power, privilege and difference; How to identify and analyze problems of practice; The value of reflective practice; Theories and research behind teams and group dynamics.

In addition to developing knowledge that is informed by theory and empirical research, content themes are integrated with practice emphasizing real-time application in the work setting so that graduates will be able to: Curriculum The educational doctorate curriculum provides four critical lenses essential to educational leadership and the research, inquiry and evaluation tools needed to put that knowledge into practice.

Leadership theory and practice Educational policy Content and context of learning Instruction methods vary to enhance your learning. You will meet face-to-face for a traditional classroom experience, work in teams for a collaborative and dynamic experience, and have online classes to help with busy schedules.

All classes are problem-based and provide opportunities for real-time application in practice. The culminating experience as a scholarly practitioner is the dissertation. Leaders and Data one hour Professional Seminar I: Advanced Research Design — Prospectus Development one hour.Persons achieving a degree with a concentration in Educational Leadership will be eligible for employment by P school systems in administrative positions.

Also, they could become professors of educational administration in a department or college of education in with a public or private university involved in teacher training.

Educational Leadership. IEL's educational leadership work focuses on growing leaders in the spectrum of education, education policy, and other related fields, with some specific focus on principal and early childhood education leadership.

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An Educational Leadership Doctoral Degree. The Educational Leadership Doctor of Education (EdD) prepares educators to assume a variety of roles in.

Educational leadership

Educational Leadership Studies. Dickey Hall Lexington, KY Phone: () Fax: () Welcome to the Department of Educational Leadership. The department offers master’s and specialist degrees in Educational Administration, and master’s degrees in Instructional Technology, College Student Personnel Administration, and Learning, Culture, and Society.

WGU's educational leadership endorsement-preparation program is designed for licensed teachers who already have a master’s degree and who wish to move into a leadership role in a K–12 school setting.

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