Ecn100 hw2 3


Ecn100 hw2 3

By Dan Adams There are a few games that I've played over the years that will always stick with me for one reason or another. One such title, that I'll always bring up when having a conversation with someone about Ecn100 hw2 3 strategy games is Homeworld.

It wasn't just a game, it was an experience. The story, sound, graphics, and gameplay were all top notch and innovative to boot. It will forever remain etched in my mind as one of the best PC games released.

When Homeworld2 was announced, I was pretty excited that it was finally in development, but my mind immediately started wondering how Relic Entertainment could possibly outdo the first with the sequel. To make a long story short, they didn't really outdo it, they just made it bigger, prettier, and easier to control.

There's a lot of new things in Homeworld2 to like and love, but the core of the gameplay is still the same, which is just how Relic, and probably many of the fans, wanted to keep it.

The guys at Relic made it pretty clear during the development phase that they weren't going to try to break any Ecn100 hw2 3 with the sequel. They liked the mold. Pretty much everybody that played Homeworld liked the mold.

But what they did know is that they could make Homeworld easier to play, nicer to look at, and just as lovely to listen to. While I'm still actually partial to the experience I had with the first game, I think a lot of that had to do with the newness and my fondness for the story.

But I can say with confidence that fans of Homeworld will be more than pleased by what they find inside this beautiful new package.

Ecn100 hw2 3

Story In the original title, the Kushan, a race exiled to a nasty little desert planet, had rediscovered hyperspace travel after finding a hyperspace core along with coordinates of their one time home. What they didn't know is that they weren't supposed to rediscover hyperspace travel.

Their exilers were none too happy about it and proceeded to try and destroy them altogether. After a long and arduous journey spanning lightyears and costing many, many lives, the Kushan reached their homeworld of Hiigara and took it back from those who had stolen it from them.

It was a beautiful story told well through animatic cutscenes, a resounding score, beautiful voice work, a depth of space never before realized in gaming, and a well crafted plot that tossed players into one tricky situation after another.

Homeworld2 picks up after the Kushan have become the Hiigarans and the galaxy has had the time to settle down and get back to prosperity. But as you would expect with a sequel, new troubles arise again and the struggle to survive has to begin anew. This time, the remnants of the Taidan have been brought under the control of a new leader.

After finding a third hyperspace core these newly dubbed Vaygr are beginning an all out war on Hiigara, aiming to take the homeworld back.

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Its gameplay takes a new direction with the enhancement of its graphics and audio.


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While this is the ultimate aim of the Vaygr, the story brings a new and improved Mothership on another journey across space and away from Hiigara in the hopes of finding the answers to their problem. The story is a good one and told well through the same types of animatic cutscenes and in-game dialogue and events.

This may be a matter of personal taste, but while I liked the story, I didn't quite feel the connection that I did in the first one. Perhaps this is because the odds against survival weren't quite as big. Perhaps it was that the fleet I built didn't really spawn from the oh so humble beginnings as the first one.

I'm not sure what it was, but it lacked the same personal touch as Homeworld. This isn't to say I was disappointed because I wasn't. I really didn't see how that same lost in space, just us against the galaxy, family outing, type of feel that I loved so much could be brought back anyway.

Instead the feel is definitely of two gigantic civilizations throwing massive punches at each other in an attempt to obliterate the other, which certainly has it's own appeal. But the good thing about this story and the way its crafted is that it won't leave anyone behind.

Those that haven't played the original will probably wonder about a couple of things, but will still be able to sink themselves into this war torn galaxy as easy as veterans of the series and have fun with it. Graphics The art style in general of the series has remained intact.ECN HW2 3; Coffee Essay; Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale Essay; Nutrition Essay; Design of experiments Essay; Geert Hofstede Essay; Eleanor H.

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