Cataclysm effect on our universe

Stringing together a new theory for the origin of the universe Ron Cowen For an eternity, our universe lay dormant—a frozen, featureless netherworld. Then, about 15 billion years ago, the cosmos got an abrupt wake-up call. A parallel universe moving along a hidden dimension smacked into ours. The collision heated our universe, creating a sea of quarks, electrons, protons, photons, and other subatomic particles.

Cataclysm effect on our universe

Cataclysm effect on our universe

Edit The computer games were the origin of the Warcraft universe, and continue to be its primary focus. Much has changed in the lore since Warcraft: Warcraft I introduced the basic conflict between the orcs and humans, as well as the characters of MedivhLlaneGaronaand Lothar.

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The dwarveshigh elvestrollsgoblinsand Burning Legion were introduced, as well as a host of new characters. Warcraft III expanded the world yet again by introducing the continents of KalimdorNorthrendand Outlanda detailed backstory chronicling the creation of the world of Azerothand several new races including the night elvesthe taurenand the Scourge.

World of Warcraft has continued this trend by allowing the players to experience nigh all of the colossal world as no more than one of the many little players, as well as introducing a host of new creatures and characters, such as Garrosh Hellscreamson of Grom.

Heroes of Warcraft is an online card game that draws on Warcraft lore for its background, but does not introduce much new lore.The Lunar Cataclysm Hypothesis The most famous impact event that affected Earth is perhaps the Chicxulub impact event, which has been linked to the extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

It is, however, only one of many impact events that have . Cataclysm is the official podcast of Catalyst, the RMIT student magazine. Cataclysm: The Catalyst Podcast Investigate the mysterious placebo effect with Hamish Vallance, on the 'other side' in Claudia Long's peice, Mortuary, transcend the known-unknowns and the unknown-unknowns of the universe in Jack Connor's.


Its main effect was our separation from the source, between human and divine, up to the distinction between personality and spirit. The first layer of the programming was and still is the identity of separation. They are the first particles in our universe and are directly connected with the source.

They are not only responsible for balance. Home > Our Solar System > Phaeton The Planet Phaeton - did it shatter to form the Asteroid Belt? The planet Phaeton is the name given to a hypothetical object once orbiting between Mars and Jupiter that, in the early days of the Solar System, was destroyed by some event.

That our planet exists is a truly remarkable feat of evolution, a journey that began billion years ago when the Universe was born with the Big Bang.

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We now know from radiometric dating that the Earth is relatively young at only billion years. Aug 02,  · In The Mars Mystery: A Tale of the End of Two Worlds () Graham Hancock presented evidence of a hidden menace lurking in our solar system – the fragments of a giant comet that passed close to Mars and to the Earth some 20, years ago and that broke up into dozens of fragments kilometres across.

Hancock argued that it was an intense bombardment of these fragments .

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