Be the change a personal reflection

How do I write a good personal reflection? Often, it is written by an individual to explore personal experiences, feelings and events. Many blog posts are written in this style. However you may also be required to write a Personal Reflection within an academic context.

Be the change a personal reflection

It was from here that the idea of a Kindness Advent Calendar was born. You can access the advent calendar here and we hope you will join in the small acts of kindness throughout December.

Little did I know that I, myself, would be on the receiving end of many of these small acts of kindness in the weeks that followed our discussions. The doctors who spent time with us; carefully explaining, taking responsibility, being open and honest — giving confidence in their care and medical decisions.

The ward sister who took her workstation into the side room to sit with Dad while she did her off- duty — fulfilling his request not to be left alone.

The bed that was quickly found to enable family to stay over night. The visiting rules that were broken to allow precious days and hours to be spent together.

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The HCAs who every day washed, shaved and dressed their patients, taking care to maintain their dignity and appearance. The visits from the therapy dog which calmed and cheered the patients and gave the relatives and staff something new to talk about.

The Chaplaincy visits, invited and welcomed, never intrusive or over-zealous. Therapists who tried to understand what Dad had been like at home, listening to and trusting in the family.

The HCA who patiently fixed the bed controls when the family had messed them up, again!

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Staff that shared tears, hugs and simply held our hands when this was needed. Of course, the kindness I have experienced stretches far beyond the hospital where Dad was cared for; my own team here at ASPH and my family and friends have been amazing, offering practical support, a shoulder to cry on or the sensitivity to simply change the subject.

Even if your role does not involve direct patient care, there are many kind things that you can do for your colleagues — offer an encouraging word or a listening ear over a coffee. If you get a chance today, do something kind, nothing amazing, just a simple act and probably something that you do every day anyway.This is a sample personal reflection from Ultius writing services shows students how they can approach the matter of a personal reflection needed after passing a writing course.

This writing course has helped me to improve my skills as a writer in many different ways.4/5(5). Critical Self-Reflection and Assessment Cindy Shanks, Associate Dean of Liberal Arts (SE) a change in personal understanding and behavior 4.

Critical thinking, critical self-reflection, and What the What? Strategies for Critical Self-Reflection . High-stakes test: Assessment that is used to make critical decisions with consequences for one or more stakeholders in the assessment process; an admissions test that determines the course of a student's academic future and a test used for accountability and linked to .

Be the change a personal reflection

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I know more than one change management expert who cannot (even thought want to) cultivate meaningful / loving relationships with their spouses and/or children. Their knowledge of the dark arts vanishes where it matters the most – at home.

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