Apple business analysis

Public Domain Apple Inc. A SWOT analysis of the company gives insights on the strategic actions of the business, especially in maximizing its growth based on its strengths and opportunities. The SWOT analysis framework is a strategic management decision-making tool that determines the most pressing issues facing the company, based on the internal business conditions and the external environment. The company is involved in the computing technology hardware and softwareconsumer electronics, cloud computing services, and online digital content distribution services industries.

Apple business analysis

Select network Apple is one of the most successful modern companies and is the focus of many industry professionals inquiries into how a company can retain profitability for so long. This sample business analysis, from a professional writer at Ultius, explores Apple and the ways in which the company operates to maintain itself over time, as well as other factors that are important and impact the industries in which Apple competes.

Business Analysis Apple, Inc. The consumer electronics and information technology industry has its roots in the initial popularity and spread of basic household Apple business analysis starting in the early 20th century. The founding of many public and private radio stations in the s went hand in hand with the urbanization of much of the United States.

The ensuing demand for radios and, in later years, television sets, spurred the popularity of home electronics and set the stage for the development of further products in that field.


By the s, the increasing capabilities of personal computers and the popularity that the technology maintained in the general public meant that many in society assumed the automation of the American household would soon be complete.

Impact of the internet on the computing industry Personal computing technology remained inaccessible and effectively useless for those without internet access, and the internet itself only became popularized by the end of Companies like Apple business analysis, Inc. Video games, long since in decline since the crash ofexperienced a significant resurgence in popularity and accessibility.

By the end of the 20th century, internet access and consumer electronics were prevalent and nearly guaranteed in most American homes.

Companies like Apple, Sony, SamsungMotorola, and others spurred development and distribution of portable music players, personal computers, household appliances, and entertainment systems all in an effort to guarantee market share and profitable exploitation of the rapidly expanding industry.

History of Apple Inc. Though Wayne quickly exited the company, the success of the Apple I personal computer kit quickly catapulted the company into the spotlight. According to Cusumano The development of Mac-specific software that enabled companies and corporations to quickly perform advanced mathematical calculations and statistical analysis ensured that Apple would maintain a niche market at the very least, and the growing popularity of their desktop line ensured that sufficient market share versus that held by Microsoft would be acquired to continue development and growth.

These two product lines completely revolutionized the markets in which they reside, helping to drive and mold product research and design for years to come.

Apple business analysis

ByApple had become one of the most well-run and popular consumer electronics providers in the market. The introduction of new technological innovations into the market has spurred growth, with the CEA expecting upwards of thirty-five billion worth of sales to come from smartphones alone Thus, the consumer electronics industry represents a significant and important sector of the United States economy, with Apple alone employing 80, individuals, and creating jobs for anotherin the United States specifically Apple, Current status of the industry The consumer electronics industry is projected to grow upwards of three percent in This growth is not unexpected, as the consumer electronics industry has experienced steady growth due to the popularity of cellular phones and tablets.

Apple’s Strengths (Internal Strategic Factors)

A highly competitive market. By the end of the first quarter ofApple had sold This represents a significant technical loss of market share, yet the overall industry is expanding at an incredible rate.

Even with the relative reduction in market share as compared to the previous fiscal year, the tablet computing market is a clear example of the potency of the market as well as the capability of Apple to ensure continued growth in the face of staunch competition.

Apple and the consumer electronics industry The Gross Domestic Product GDP of the United States and its respective growth rate — experienced shifts and variations, though overall growth remained at least positive in the years US real GDP value: Apple reports an increase of 35, 25, and 30 percent in the past three years, largely due to expanded retail outletsApple Three Year Financial Report Thus, we see that the trends in company data as compared to the national macroeconomic indicators seem to indicate a preference on behalf of Apple that responds favorably to national trends, with growth in all sectors exceeding national benchmarks and standards.

It is not a company that attempts to undercut its competitors; instead, Apple focuses on providing product to a dedicated clientele that returns often for repeat business and upgrades. Thus, government policy has played an important role in establishing fiscal opportunities for continued growth.

Opportunities and challenges for Apple Thus far, Apple has shown a remarkable tendency to defy national macroeconomic trends and establish itself as a provider of quality consumer electronics and personal computer devices.

Thus, Apple faces the challenge of opening itself to more liberal pricing models that enable it to attract consumers who are otherwise unwilling to pay the high price of Apple goods. Moreover, it is important to note that continued federal laxation and stimulus policies will continue to stress the availability of credit.

Though the Android operating system and its parent Google are significant competitors, it is clear that Apple retains a significant ability to continue operating at a profitable margin, with room for expansion in several key markets. Journal of Documentation, 69 3 Technology Strategy and Management: The Puzzle of Apple.

Communications of the ACM, 51 9 Macworld, 29 10 New York Times,B6-B6.An Apple Wireless Keyboard (German language) and Magic Mouse. A SWOT analysis of Apple Inc.

shows that the business is strong but must address the threats of competition and imitation in the computer technology, cloud services, digital content distribution, and consumer electronics industries. Apple is an innovative and inspirational company.

This sample business analysis examines Apple and its rise to computer industry giant in great detail.5/5(1). This Apple SWOT analysis reveals how one of the most successful world’s companies used its competitive advantages to become the dominant player in the tech industry.

Apple business analysis

It identifies all the key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that affect the company the most. Apple business overview from the company’s financial report.

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An Apple Wireless Keyboard (German language) and Magic Mouse. A SWOT analysis of Apple Inc. shows that the business is strong but must address the threats of competition and imitation in the computer technology, cloud services, digital content distribution, and consumer electronics industries.

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