An introduction to the issue of y2k scare

In the lead up to Y2K both vendors and consulting companies along with paid off analysts like Gartner were instrumental in pushing the fear regarding Y2K in a way that academics who studied the topic did not agree with.

An introduction to the issue of y2k scare

Causes[ edit ] Dooooom. In an era where computer memory was measured by the byte or "word" and came in the form of things like drums and ferrite coresprogrammers of bygone days the 50s through the 70s, mostly generally tended to represent dates in 6-byte text strings usually in a format such as yyddmm or ddmmyy, depending on the local standards to save memory.

Rational reactions[ edit ] There was considerable controversy over the magnitude of the potential problem. Banks were certainly alarmed at the notion, as a failure in their interest calculation systems could cause them to lose money. Within the IT world, however, there were numerous minor issues — many operating systems Microsoft Windows in particular used 2-digit years internally, and though the problem itself was conceptually simple, it required many man-hours of picking through code and archived data — an issue more of tedium than ingenuity.

Bythe COBOL programmers of the world, hitherto hiding their identities out of shame, were raking in substantial amounts of money while trying to fix the problem; similar efforts were being made with embedded systems, which by their nature are much harder to repair.

We had just had a debate in Texas about his proposal to bring government-sponsored prayer back to public schools. Christian fundamentalistsseeing an opportunity for evangelismblew the expected results wildly out of proportion, trying to shoehorn Y2K into their end times theologywith Reconstructionist writer Gary North spearheading a movement towards large-scale survivalism.

This spawned a cottage industry of low-tech appliances many bought from companies that had once made most of their business supplying the Amish and groups like them and survival-themed books and campaigns, the intent being that either the Second Coming would follow or the fundies of the world would be the only people with the resources to reconstruct, paving the way for a theocracy.

Different bottle, same snake oil. Y2K became the subject of much fictional literaturemostly of a pulpy nature, often science fiction or religious but sometimes other genres including pr0nand one particularly bad NBC TV movie [4] [5].

Y2K temporarily became a byword for any major but avoidable technical failure. Midnight approached at the International Date Line, with New Zealand being among the first to be affected by the changeover There were a few glitches and minor crashes here and there, the scariest involving alarm systems in Japanese nuclear reactors[6] and a spy satellite went on the fritz, [7] but for the most part the rollover went smoothly, even in areas and industries where there had been little to no preparation.


The main actual victims were ill-maintained vertical market apps for PCs, the sort of obscure but essential business software that has one writer and very few users.

Y2K, expected by some to be a global disaster as cataclysmic as World War II or the Spanish flu epidemic, instead went into the history books as an over-hyped fizzle. A few expired credit cards and the odd broken satellite do not make a disaster, and Y2K passed rapidly out of pop culture. The only memory of it now can be found in a few software packages, mostly programming libraries written in the s and still actively maintained, that still carry Y2K compliance statements, most likely because no one could be bothered to excise something like that from the documentation.

An introduction to the issue of y2k scare

The economy remained more or less healthy until Aprilwhen the money train ran out for the dotcom boom Aftermath[ edit ] Was it all for naught? No one really knows how much of the painlessness of the transition could be attributed to preparation and how much was a factor of the problem being not as big as expected.

Y2K38[ edit ] But just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water Inbit Unix and Unix-like e. · This workshop will be devoted to both an introduction to basic coalgebraic notions and techniques, and also to some recent advances in the theory of coalgebras.

We are looking for participants and contributed talks to this informal workshop on both However, Lou Marcoccio, director of Y2K research at Gartner Group Inc., recently testified before Congress on the Y2K issue and said it is a misconception that all failures will occur on or around Jan. Video and more Get the latest An overview of the agva corporation limited international news and world events from Asia. the Middle East. a ship carrying Adani coal sank off the coast of Mumbai.

An introduction to the issue of y2k scare

opinion. and local information Weve talked before an argument against paying to use beaches in australia about the An introduction to the issue of y2k scare many reasons how Australia is degenerating  · The rumours around the Y2K bug, which predicted a global system failure at the moment that began, was an apt introduction to the apocalyptic  · Overall, Y2K didn't happen, but it was due to hard work.

It was the largest peacetime effort to prevent disaster at least since the Marshall Plan after WW II, which was also a success. So, I say, let's get educated, stop being afraid, and make a good and realistic difference for a better The author fits squarely into a believer of the worst-case y2k scenario.

He sees a dramatic collapse of civilization as we know and hints more than once that this is probably a good thing (given current morals, work ethic, reliance on government, intrusion by government into daily lives, etc.)

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