An analysis of choking in sports

John Dorsey must have firm belief in Mayfield, who is a short quarterback 6-foot with a strong arm -- a guy who had issues off the field, with an arrest for public intoxication and disorderly conduct, and who grabbed his crotch toward the Kansas bench during a game. He is the only walk-on to win the Heisman Trophy, and he walked on twice at both Texas Tech and Oklahoma. He has a fiercely competitive attitude. And he is adept at understanding plays and reading a defense.

An analysis of choking in sports

Article ABSTRACT The objective of this study was to use a questionnaire survey to comprehensively investigate the factors related to "choking under pressure" in sports. A number of different factors have been reported in previous research, depending on whether experiments, surveys, or qualitative methods were used.

In this study, we therefore created a questionnaire that incorporates all of these previous psychological, physiological, and behavioral factors and surveyed university student athletes. Data from athletes who reported having a "choking under pressure" experience were included in exploratory factor analysis.

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Seven factors were extracted: These findings reveal the structural characteristics of "choking under pressure" and the consequent decrease in performance that is caused by complex interactions between multiple psychological, physiological, and behavioral changes. Emotional Determinants of Consumption in Collegiate Football.

The fan frenzy surrounding teams, games, and the sport itself, is borderline barmy. Aptly described as the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, fan emotions in college football are rampant; yet, research exploring such Hence, the use of emotion regulation strategies may prove to be highly effective in preventing choking under pressure.

Using a golf putting task, we investigated the role of arousal on declined sport performance under pressure pilot The background literature is reviewed together with information from the author's recent and as The final sample comprised participants drawn from 34 sports and ranging in age from He says a major factor that impedes progress related to understanding and treatment of the syndrome is the lack of universally accepted definition, measurement instrument and diagnostic criteria.

Physical Intelligence Among College Athletes. Why and how did I damage both knees so severely that it is now impossible to walk downstairs without limping?

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An analysis of choking in sports

Alan Burdick writes about the performance outcome of pressure to win on a team, through the lens of recent research and Argentina’s prospects in the upcoming World Cup.

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