A discussion on the gender inequality in china and the expectations on the reduction of womens depen

Over time, the practice increased and spread to the peasantry. Foot binding eventually resulted in the arch of the foot becoming so angled that a woman was in constant pain and had limited ability to walk.

A discussion on the gender inequality in china and the expectations on the reduction of womens depen

Overall inequity may disproportionately affect women

Full Text: Sep 22, Following is the full text: China has always upheld the constitutional principle of equality between men and women, which is also a basic state policy for promoting progress in the country and in society.

Over the past two decades, the mechanism has been constantly improved to allow it to play an increasingly prominent role. The state has kept improving government organs for promoting the status of women.

Composed of leading ministerial-level members from relevant government organs, the Committee is chaired by a member of the State Council leadership. The Committee has a general office doing day-to-day work by full-time staff with specially allocated funds. Adopting the target management responsibility system, the working committees on children and women at various levels resolve and allocate the main targets to the related functional departments of the governments and see to it that they are included in corresponding plans and implemented.

They also established an appraisal system and carried out assessments of the implementation results of the programs at the end of every year, and in the middle and at the end of the implementation of the programs, ensuring that the targets set in these programs were met as scheduled.

The state has established a working mechanism featuring leadership by the government, multi-departmental cooperation and participation of the whole of society. The State Council and local governments at various levels hold working meetings on children and women on a regular basis to discuss and make plans.


The state has gradually improved the gender statistics system. The state published Women and Men in Chinese Society - Facts and Statistics inand updated it with new data in, and ; and has published annual releases of Statistics on the Status of Chinese Women and Children since Women and the Economy Equal participation in economic activities and equitable access to economic resources are the basic conditions for the well-being and development of women.

Significant progress has been made in alleviating poverty among women. During the implementation of comprehensive poverty reduction strategies, China has given overall consideration to the impact of urbanization, aging, climate change and other social and market factors on poverty among women, and strengthened efforts to address such poverty.

China has implemented a program for poverty alleviation through development in rural areas, making women a key focus of attention and giving priority to poverty alleviation projects for women when all other conditions are equal, striving to improve the development capacity of women and bringing more benefits to them as a group.

The number of impoverished women has dropped by an enormous margin, and the severity of poverty of women has been continuously alleviated. In the poorest counties which are made the main targets of national poverty alleviation and development work, the poverty rate of the female population decreased from The state has established a new-model social relief system, increasing efforts to protect impoverished women.

Inthe numbers of women covered by subsistence allowances for urban and rural residents were 7. The state has actively implemented a number of public welfare and charity programs for impoverished mothers, such as the program of relief for mothers suffering from breast cancer and cervical cancer, the comfortable housing project for impoverished rural single mothers, and the mother health express program, bringing help to sick women, poor single mothers and various other groups of mothers in need.

The state ensures equal employment right for women. The state has promulgated and improved laws and regulations to promote fair employment and eliminate gender discrimination in employment.

The state helps women who are seeking employment and starting businesses. The state has introduced supportive policies and measures to address the difficulties of women in seeking employment and starting businesses.Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online.

Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu’s. Mar 10,  · Why China Is So Interested in Gender Equality. For policy analysts, its is never too early to analyze the gender trends of China’s future leadership, who were born in the s and s Author: Zhibo Qiu.

Liberating Economics draws on central concepts from women's studies scholarship to construct a feminist understanding of the economic roles of families, caring labor, motherhood, paid and unpaid labor, poverty, the feminization of labor, and the consequences of globalization.5/5(2).

Sep 08,  · Gender inequality still exists in China, especially in poverty-stricken rural areas, a recent national study on gender assessment learned. Professor Li Xiaoyun of the College of Humanities and.

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Desai and Jain () have examined the role of gender inequality within the context of the political economy of rural production relations in shaping intra-family dynamics associated with women's employment and particular.

for instance. Full text of "ERIC ED Women's Journeys, Women's Stories: In Search of Our Multicultural regardbouddhiste.com in U.S. Women's History. Teacher Guide." See other formats.

A discussion on the gender inequality in china and the expectations on the reduction of womens depen
Study: Gender Inequality Serious in Rural Areas