11th grade research paper topics

The deaths are swift and unexpected. Uses a citation that reinforces the topic sentence and in an effective way through the use of metaphor. In the early part of the 20th century, women like Mrs.

11th grade research paper topics

Dana Huff 7 Comments All 10th graders at my school write a literary analysis research paper. This is my sixth year teaching students how to write this paper, and I think it was my best.

Students worked very hard on their papers this year. They made excellent use of the library. First of all, I use note cards. Now I will state 11th grade research paper topics that I never used note cards on my papers in college. They seemed to be too much trouble.

But two years ago, I wrote a paper like those that would be expected of my students so they could have a model of the process. I used note cards, and I loved them! I could move ideas around so much more easily, and the paper was much easier to organize.

Some might argue that this step is superfluous and silly in our modern age of computers, but I found it much more useful in terms of seeing what I was doing than putting notes in a notebook or word processor would have been.

The first thing students must do is choose a topic. I have found it is best and will avoid much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth just to give students a list of topics and require them to pick from the list.

Otherwise they try to pick topics for which they will find no information. Students should know that a thesis is a statement they are attempting to prove. What was Frost using symbolism to convey? I teach students how to take notes on note cards.

They must write some sort of title on the top of the card that indicates what the card is about. Before they write notes, they should create a source card. The source card should be formatted according to MLA standards or whatever documentation style your school uses.

I tell students to write the library location and call number, so they are not searching fruitlessly for the book if they need it again. When they begin to take notes from the source, they label their cards A1, A2, A3, and so on in the upper right-hand corner so they have a key to which information came from the source.

This is important later. If the source is a book, they must put the page numbers on the card. After they have been taking notes for a week or so, they have a general idea of where their paper is going.

I ask them to create a work plan rough outline with an outline of what they will discuss and an estimation of how long it will be and how many note cards they will need to get there. Students have found this to be helpful, but they should be coached not to see it as set in stone.

Students will need about note cards for a five-page paper.

11th grade research paper topics

This fact will freak them out, but just make sure you give them library time commensurate with their ability to work independently on a project like this, and they will thank you later — if they take fewer notes, they will have to go back and add information. After the students finish taking notes, they should compose an outline.

This is a pain because MS Word does not format outlines properly. You can download it if you want: I teach students directly how to integrate quotations. I have a great handout for this activity download. I think once the students see the difference between properly integrated quotes and dropped quotes, they can do a better job integrating quote with their own ideas.

Their first drafts should be polished. Expect documentation errors, but caution them that they really need to turn in what they consider to be a final draft in terms of grammar and mechanics. For the final draft, I require the old large envelope with all pieces inside. Students should implement all changes you suggested on their first draft in their final draft.

Spread out due dates enough for you to grade without going crazy, but not so much that students lose focus on the project. Grade the small things, including note cards and outlines, in such a way that you see fewer mistakes. See if they actually took the notes down correctly. Check to see if their notes from print sources had page numbers.

Really look over that outline for problems in organization, and require it to be full-sentence. Require every website they want to use to be approved.Jan 19,  · Science Topics for Research Papers. Updated on May 15, Virginia Kearney. Can you suggest some research paper topics about molecular medicine in relation to RFLP and diabetes?

I'm an 11th grade Stem student, and I would like to research an insect biology (entomology) for a project using specimens. Reviews: LJHS English Dept. Search this site. Navigation. Home. Eng Teacher Webpage Links. Classroom Guidelines. 11th Grade Research Project. Students will choose a topic that he or she has interest in and can find sufficient information about to write a research paper and/or create a corresponding multi-media presentation.

11th Grade Research Project. 12th Grade Research Project. AP Research Project Information. Standards. Graduation Parent Letter Head.

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Curriculum Guide Work and Links. Research Paper - individual - see rubric Eng IV pgs with annt. bib Honors IV with annt. bib. Post drafts to Criterion for revisional feedback - Final draft post to.

Compiled from a variety of sources by Evynn Blaher, C.D. Hylton High School, Woodbridge, VA. POSSIBLE RESEARCH TOPICS Your research paper, and the resulting thesis statement, must be an ARGUABLE issue. 11th Grade; 12th Grade; ETS Criterion SM Library.

Topics; Grade 11 Prompts. WS Friends (Descriptive) Human beings are social creatures, so friends are an important part of anyone’s life. What qualities and behaviors make a person a good friend? Write an essay explaining three or four traits of a true friend.

English 11 Research Paper

Use specific details and anecdotes. Directions: refer to the research paper topic list for possible topics Research Option 1 - Contemporary Human Rights Issue A.

Select a contemporary issue or current human rights problem somewhere in .

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